What do we offer?

We offer state-of-the-art outsourcing services to mainly European companies. Our services encompass accounting, administrative services, financial management and web design. Our services can be contracted ad-hoc or perpetually. So if you need to cover short-term increases in workload or are looking for a trusted partner to entrust your business processes to we will be there for you.

Financial Analysis
Our accounting services encompass: VAT reporting, NBB reporting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, pay rolling and much more.Our financial Wizz kids can spice up your financial reporting, make NPV and IRR analysis, perform due diligence and much more Our consulting services include Philippine market entry analysis, Outsourcing analysis. Furthermore we offer market entrants’ support when setting up their Filipino business from A-Z.
Administrative Support
Commercial Mailing
Whether your company needs a virtual assistant or just help with encoding data our team is up to the task We can take out of your hands the hassle of commercial mailing from coding the design to sending the mails. Furthermore we can deliver back-end support in answering to your customers’ queries. a website for your company/store, a webshop or a website to keep the members of your club up to date. Just let us take the hassle out of your hands for the development.

How do we guarantee quality services?

As an outsourcing partner we understand as no other that your first concern is the quality of delivered services. Your company needs a partner they can trust with their business processes and offer you and your people a worry-free transaction. In order to ensure you the quality of our services we focus on three key-points within our strategy:

Highly educated and trained Personnel

We only hire highly educated staff with at least a B.Sc. in a relevant field to the job. We therefore rely on local universities to introduce us to their best alumni. Furthermore all of our staff undergo thorough training before starting in their position.

Belgian-Filipino Management
Our Belgian-Filipino management understands as no other the business environment in the Benelux and Europe. Furthermore they can easily make the translation from the request of the client to the execution of a project.

Local Account Manager
In order to make our communication lines with our customers as short as possible we assign every customer to a Belgian account manager that directly deals with any queries and requests a customer might have.